22 October 2006

Stewardship study: Week 3

This lesson is part of a four-week study on stewardship.

Week 3: Handle Money Wisely

Invest in People

Lk 16:1-7

What is your immediate reaction to this story?

What situation did the shrewd manager find himself in?

Was it his fault?

What is his primary concern?

Is it reasonable to be concerned about this?

Should it be his primary concern?

How does he go about addressing his problem?

Do you think this was effective?

Lk 16:8-9

Does the master approve of what the shrewd manager has done?

Why does he commend him?

Was the master shrewd with the manager?

What lesson does Jesus say we should take from the manager's example?

What's the difference in the goal?

How can we use worldly wealth to make ourselves welcome in eternity?

Is the shrewd manager someone we should try to be like, or not?

Lk 16:10-12

How does this relate to the shrewd manager?

Do you think Jesus is talking mainly about money?

What are true riches?

What property are we trusted with?

What are some ways that you and I can be trustworthy or untrustworthy with what we've been given?

Lk 16:13-14

Is it possible to love both God and money?

How does loving money get in the way of serving God?

Are there people like the Pharisees in the modern church?

How are you and I tempted to serve the wrong master?

Do we ever try to fool God? How so?

Do we succeed?


Our church has not been taking in enough money to meet our budget.

What are some ways we could respond, good or bad?

What does each response say about who we serve?

I had a landlord who was a professing believer. He asked me to cosign a credit application to buy a new refrigerator. How should I have responded?

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