04 August 2008

Market-oriented government

Apparently, I am a “moderate neoconservative”, in that I believe government functions best when it exploits free-market principles, rather than fighting against them (Stephen Tansey, Politics: The Basics, 3rd ed., 2004). As cited by Tansey, neoconservatives Osborne and Gaebler (1992) suggest that public organizations should:

  1. “steer" more than they “row”
  2. empower communities rather than simply deliver services
  3. encourage competition rather than monopoly
  4. be driven by their mission rather than rules
  5. fund outcomes rather than inputs
  6. meet customer rather than bureaucratic needs
  7. earn as well as spend
  8. prevent rather than cure
  9. decentralize authority
  10. leverage the marketplace rather than spend on public programs

I would agree with all of that. Actually, I would take all of that to be self-evident. Perhaps that reflects the generation in which I was raised.

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