20 October 2008

Reincarnation of a legend

[Waving flag]He arrived on the national stage when America was down in the dumps. Our economy was in shambles. We were mocked and humiliated in the Middle East. OPEC had us begging for mercy.

Suddenly, he appeared out of nowhere with a message of hope, an ideal of an America that we could be proud of. He promised change. He promised vision.

He had little experience, none at all in foreign policy. But he had a charisma that drew people to him, that made people want to trust him. He made them feel good about themselves, about the future of their nation.

He played upon the failures of the previous administration to galvanize support for his party. He represented the extreme fringe, and so demonized the other side that their identifying ideology became an insult. He ushered in a new age of partisan politics that would divide Washington in a bitter feud for generations to come.

I'm talking about Ronald Reagan. Who were you thinking of?

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